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Tri-County Concerts Association Annual Youth Festival

2023 Online Student Registration Form (Page 1 of 4)

Student Registration

All soloists and ensembles who wish to audition for the Tri-County Concerts Youth Festival must have been previously pre-registered by their teacher. The pre-registration period ended on February 28, 2023. Students themselves must register here during the Registration period which ends on April 6, 2023.

For ensembles, registration must be done by the student who was identified by the teacher as the "contact" person. That student is responsible for submitting information about all members of the ensemble.

For questions or problems relating to the registration process, please contact the Youth Festival Coordinator.

First Step - Identify the student who has been pre-registered by his or her teacher. The student name and email address must match those submitted by the teacher during pre-registration.

Basic Information
Junior(Gr 6-8) Senior(Gr 9-12)
Student Contact

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