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From Our History   On the Youth Festival

As a charter member of Tri-County, I am an ardent admirer of its artistic standards and democratic ideals. A love of great music cannot be cultivated through the impersonal mediums of radio and records alone. The two-way communication between a great artist and his listener provides a spiritual experience that is vital to our musical culture. For this important work let us join in giving Tri-County the financial support it requires.

Orlando Cole, Cello


As an alumnus of the Tri-County Youth Festival in both the Junior and Senior Winds Division, I know first-hand what a wonderful experience it was to participate in this program.  Tri-County provided me with one of my first opportunities to perform in a solo recital.  Fifteen years later, I still remember exactly what I played, and I also remember what a positive impact the competition had on my motivation and development as a young music student.

David Buck, Principal Flute,
Dallas Symphony Orchestra
From the Audience   From the Artists

"What changes would you like to see in the future?"—None. Tri-County Concerts does not need improvement.

Lois Ache, Newtown Square

The women of The Transition Network, a group of professional women 50 and forward, seek experiences that are unique. Our group truly enjoyed the concert we attended, in a beautiful tranquil setting. It was a special time for all of us. We look forward to this coming season!

Louise Polis, member of The Transition Network

We were pleasantly surprised to find such superb musicians at a very affordable price. Plus close-up seating and free parking. Great fun!

Dick and Carolyn Hammond, Bryn Mawr


Tri-County Concerts is a wonderful series. It was a joy for me to perform in such a beautiful church and the audience was enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and curious. We need more organizations like this!

Stefan Jackiw, violin - 2014

I am very much looking forward to performing at the Tri-County Concerts this season after many years! When I played there last, a solo recital. I was still a student at the Curtis Institute, and it was one of my very first concerts, at the beginning of my career. Every performance is an important growing experience; I appreciate the Tri-County Concerts for having given me such a wonderful opportunity.

Rieko Aizawa - 1994 & 2013

Thank you for such a lovely afternoon! What a tremendous and appreciative audience you have.

Dali Quartet - 2011

We enjoyed playing for your warm, receptive audience.

Daedalus Quartet - 2012

Tri-County Concerts is a wonderful series, and deserves particular credit for the way in which it supports and promotes emerging artists. Those early years of a music career can be extremely challenging and discouraging, and so this type of support is crucial in giving artists the courage to continue with their endeavor. Our quartet feels very indebted to the Tri-County Concerts for giving us this vital early support.

Jupiter Quartet - 2003

We were so honored to have been included in the Tri-County Concert's season. This wonderful series provided our Philadelphia area debut. Everything about the series was a joy from pre-concert arrangements straight through to the concert and post concert reception. McInnis Auditorium is a beautiful space for chamber music and the audience was incredibly welcoming and enthusiastic.

Albers Trio - 2008