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Advertise with Us   2023-2024

We are pleased to offer both print and website advertising opportunities in our 2023-2024 season. We look forward to featuring your ad in our program book and on our website, if you choose to add that option. We offer supporting institutions and businesses like yours a unique opportunity to connect with our patrons and families who profoundly value arts and culture in our region.

All Special Placement ads are full color. Standard Placement ads are black and white.

Print ad sizes:

  • Covers and full page ads: 4½” W x 7½” H
  • Half-page horizontal ads: 4½” W x 3¾” H
  • Quarter-page horizontal ads: 4½” W x 1¾” H
  • Quarter-page vertical ads: 2⅛” W x 3½” H

Advertising Rates - 2023-2024

Print AdsWebsite Add-ons
Special Placement 1 - cover pages in full color
(*Subject to availability - send us an email)
Print OnlyColor website bannerPrint + Website
Back Cover *SoldBanner alone on 1st lineSold
Inside Front Cover or facing page*SoldBanner alone on a lineSold
Inside Back Cover or facing page*SoldBanner alone on a lineSold
Special Placement 2 - inside pages full color
(*Subject to availability - send us an email)
Full page *$375Banner alone on a line$425
Half page *$200Logo sharing a line with another$225
Standard Placement - black and whiteColor website banner or logo
Inside full page$350Banner alone on a line$400
Half page horizontal$175Logo sharing a line with another$200
Quarter page horizontal$100Logo sharing a line with 2-3 others$125
Quarter page vertical$100Logo sharing a line with 2-3 others$125
Deadline for orders and payment: September 11, 2023
Deadline for ad copy: September 22, 2023

Print ads: Please send your ad copy — a high resolution (300 dpi) PDF digital file at specified image size or artwork — to Except for the cover and other special placement full pages (for which availability is limited), ads will be printed in black and white.

Website ads: If you add this option, we will display your banner (logo plus short message) or logo alone linked to your website on three pages of our website (the Home, Emerging Artists Concerts, and Youth Festival pages) for our entire season, October through June. Banners and logos will be scaled to fit the space selected.

To purchase an ad, download the Advertising Order Form and return the completed form by mail, or email the form to Let us know if you would like an invoice.

You may pay by check mailed to Tri-County Concerts Assoc., Inc., Box 222, Wayne, PA 19087, or online via PayPal:

PayPal accepts most credit cards, and you don't need a PayPal account. There is a 2.5% surcharge for credit card payments.
Special Placement Ad Choice
Standard Placement Ad Choice

Questions? Need help? Write to us at