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2024 Online Teacher Pre-Registration Form (Page 1 of 3)


Teachers must pre-register their students by February 29, 2024. Pre-registration is now available using the online form below. Please remember to read the 2024 Guidelines and the letter to teachers before filling out this form.

Pre-registered students will be sent registration materials that must be completed and returned by April 5, 2024.

You can pre-register all your soloists and all your ensembles with this expandable form. You will need each student's first and last name, email address, instrument, grade, home address, and county (Chester, Montgomery, or Delaware).

Teacher Information

*Music School Name not required
(in addition to Youth Festival emails)

Teacher's Academic School (if applicable)

Student Information

You can pre-register all your soloists and all your ensembles with this expandable form. Press Include Another Soloist or Ensemble as needed. When you're all done, press Continue at the bottom.

Please double-check the spelling of each student's name and email address. The student will have trouble registering later if these do not exactly match what the student types in. Note that some students may register using a parent's email address, even if they have one of their own, so you should discuss that to avoid later registration problems.

For soloists, do not check the Ensemble box.
For ensembles:

  • First check the Ensemble box to see all ensemble choices.
  • Include address and email for the first ensemble member so we can send audition materials and information.
  • If you know the other members (not required here), check the "List Other Members" box. Their street address and email are not needed.

Expand form for another soloist or ensemble

But keep teacher information

The next step is to review your information before you submit it.
You will be able to come back here and make corrections.